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Our Team

Meet our passionate crew

Samuel Thompson

Sam started on social media at the age of 15 and is now considered one of the country's leading social media growth experts who works with Fortune 500 companies and major influencers on their social media campaigns and monetization strategies. He started Creatify because he noticed other up-and-coming creators struggling to get off the ground just like he did and he wanted to help.

Jason Bing

Jay began his journey on social when he was around 17 and saw success scaling audiences to tens of thousands of followers. After stepping out of the social space for a bit, he decided to dive back in and centered his attention on building online brands. This ultimately lead to a meeting with Sam where the two realized they had a similar mission - empowering the next creative generation to pursue their passions.

Brodie Kern

Brodie spearheads the community element of Creatify with his deep passion for supporting up-and-coming creators and entrepreurs

Our Mission

Growth and Progress.

We believe in the ability for every human to chase their dreams and grow as creators.
We started out as creators ourselves. We spent years learning the tricks of the trade and decided that everyone deserves the opportunity to use their creativity to live their dream life.
Dollars Invested In Helping Creators
We have invested our time, money and energy into building Creatify.
Membership Goal
We want to help over a million creators with our platform.
We are a family focused on growing together.
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